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ARTTEC State Ambassadors

State Ambassadors raise awareness for ARTTEC, provide support for crews, help new crews form, and represent their Area across the state. Each Area has on Ambassador, who is a student that acts as a Crew Coordinator. The State Ambassador coordinates with all the crews in their Area for larger events. State Ambassadors work closely with the State Representative to coordinate state events and bring ARTTEC Signature Productions to their area.

To become a State Ambassador, one must already serve as Crew Coordinator and be willing to take on the extra duties to bring opportunities for bigger events to all ARTTEC Crew Members in the Area. State Ambassadors will be elected by the Crew Coordinators in the Area, and being a State Ambassador gives unparalleled leadership opportunities to be added to the student’s resume.

Ambassadors coordinate the crews in their Area and lend their experience as a resource to new crews. Ambassadors benefit from the resume-building leadership and organizational opportunities. State Ambassadors also coordinate with the State Representative on statewide activities. If you want to be an ARTTEC State Ambassador, you can apply through the ARTTEC Passport.

ARTTEC Ambassadors also bring added advantages to their area. Areas brings more crew members to a production, and increases sponsorship and training opportunities. Areas host larger productions because of the increased resources available to them. The professional sponsor (or sponsors) enjoy the additional potential of reaching a larger regional audience.

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"This program is filling such an important community need in education"

Amy Grant

Amy Grant

“ARTTEC is truly a great blessing for these very engaged high school students”

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Smash Mouth

"We wish this program was around when we were in high school!"

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