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ARTTEC Celebrates Ten Years with Celebrity Supporters

ARTTEC recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a Festival of the Arts during the month of August in the Silicon Valley.  A ten-page program was created to list all of the exciting activities taking place during the month.  Readers were invited to “Look Back at a Decade of ARTTEC” and recall some of the 50+ past productions ARTTEC teens had participated in, remember the stars, and get ready for more entertainment.  ARTTEC marked the event by hosting Wednesday (FOTA) Afterparties for the local community, producing the month long 2014 ARTTEC Summer Concert Series, and screening their first motion picture First Dog, in conjunction with a beer festival, local art and photo exhibits, theatre and comedy performances, street dances, local music, and National Night Out.

The highlight of the month was the Summer Concert Series as “Arttec Turns August into A Rockin’ Success”. (See newspaper article below.) Smaller bands performed during the day leading up to each concert. Local acts Dammaj, Circles of Sin, and up and coming artist Jeff Turner had the opportunity to perform with acclaimed bands like Dishwalla, Queensryche, Gamma+ and Survivor.

The series kicked off on the 2nd with the Brew Crawl. In the evening, headliner Dishwalla put on an amazing performance; setting the tone for an exciting month of concerts. Counting Blue Cars was the hit of the concert.

Queensryche’s Farewell Tour roared into town on the 9th featuring the farewell performance of original lead singer Geoff Tate. They played to a sold out crowd of 2,500 people making it a truly memorable event.  The appreciative audience enjoyed the wonderful sound and spectacular lighting that was a hallmark of all the concerts.

The 16th brought Music For Heroes, a benefit concert in support of our troops; currently enlisted, veterans, and their families. Tommy Tutone performed his hit Jenny (867-5309), backed by Grammy award winning musician Polo Jones with Lighthouse For The Blind. Supporting our troops and performing for their first time in northern California was the band ZZ Lightfoot. Michael Gurley of dada and actor Kiefer Southerland of 24 shared the vocals accompanied by Gurley’s stellar guitar playing.

Finishing off the concert series was CANcert; a concert to raise cancer awareness and benefit the Teresa Glover Fund’s fight against cancer. Appropriately, Survivor, famous for their song Eye of the Tiger headlined the event, with the Robert Berry Band and Gundacker Project performing original songs about the fight against cancer.  Dennis Rodman, five time NBA champion made an appearance to show his support for the cause. A tired but inspired crowd made their way home that evening after chanting their support for cancer patients and survivors, and singing along to Survivor hits such as Can’t Hold Back, Burning Heart, and High On You.

For more information on the Teresa Glover Fund click here.

Click here for newspaper coverage.

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Amy Grant

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Smash Mouth

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