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Start an ARTTEC Crew

Here’s How To Start a Crew:

    1. Find five or more students who are interested in ARTTEC at each site you wish to start a crew at. Have each of them follow the steps for “Get Involved as A Student“. One of these students will become the Crew Coordinator, fulfilling responsibilities similar to a club president.

    2. Find a local non-profit community service organization that would like to mentor your ARTTEC Crew. ARTTEC has partnered with Rotary Clubs across the country to serve as the community service organization for mentoring ARTTEC Crews. If there is no available Rotary Club in your area, other organizations such as Kiwanis and Lions Club, etc, can also be mentors. Click HERE to find out more about Rotary Mentorship.

    3. Find a local business that would like to sponsor your crew. A local business sponsor could be any business or organization in your community who supports high school career training and leadership development. Click HERE to find out more about Business Sponsorship.

    4. Select a Crew Advisor for the crew at your site. Administrators, counselors, and teachers can all be Crew Advisors. The Crew Advisor will also serve as the club advisor on your campus. If there is already a related club at your site, ARTTEC can be integrated into the existing club. Through our partnership with Rotary, if there is an Interact Club on your campus, ARTTEC can operate through Interact. Click HERE to find out more about being an Crew Advisor.

    5. The Crew Coordinator must coordinate with the Rotary Mentor, Business Sponsor, and Crew Advisor to complete their respective registrations. After the entire registration process is complete, the Crew Coordinator must complete the application to become an official ARTTEC Crew, HERE.

Until all the above steps are completed, ARTTEC Crews will be considered unofficial and members may not be able to participate in certain productions.


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"This program is filling such an important community need in education"

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Amy Grant

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Smash Mouth

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