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Bring ARTTEC to your school, district, or state!

First, click HERE to find out if ARTTEC is already in your Delegation or state.

If ARTTEC is currently in your state, click HERE to find out how to start a crew..

If ARTTEC is in your Delegation, but not yet in your state, you can help to bring ARTTEC to you and even become a State Representative. ARTTEC needs State Sponsors to bring our programs into new states. Your educational institutions, County Office of Education, or State Department of Education, are all great State Sponsors. Click HERE to find out more about State Sponsorship. If you are interested in becoming a State Representative, click HERE to find out more.

ARTTEC’s goal is to bring our programs to each of the thirteen Delegations over the next school year. In order to be in every state, we must first establish the program in each Delegation. We need your help to make this happen. Delegation Sponsors are needed for each of the thirteen Delegations. Sponsors make it possible to offer our services to the states in your Delegation and supply a Mobile Production Unit for use within the Delegation. If we haven’t reach you yet, you can help us get there by becoming a Delegation Sponsor, and by doing so you’ll also be the first Delegate for your Delegation. Click HERE to find out more about Delegation Sponsorship.

From The Pros...

Myth Busters


"This program is filling such an important community need in education"

Amy Grant

Amy Grant

“ARTTEC is truly a great blessing for these very engaged high school students”

Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth

"We wish this program was around when we were in high school!"

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