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Far East Movement’s “Little Bird” Music Video- Produced By ARTTEC

Far East Movement Far East Movement is scheduled to release their new album, Dirty Bass, featuring the track, “Little Bird”, that our students produced a music video for earlier this year. The highly anticipated album will drop this month featuring the 2 singles, “Jello” and “Live My Life”, which have already caught the attention of the media as FM did a small promo tour on t.v. shows like, Live with Kelly! and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In January, ARTTEC students got the opportunity to shoot a Music Video for FM at Universal Studios for the track, “Little Bird”. ARTTEC Student Delon says, ” I love working here, this is kind of a dream come true… I’ve always wanted to actually be on sets working and this is finally happening.” Delon was 2nd Assistant Director on this production and is making headway toward that Director Spot!

In a short convo with the frontman of FM, Kev Nish, he commented, “The energy is here… so hopefully this video will be seen around the world… I can’t wait to see what comes out.”

The track is scheduled to hit the shelves and the iTunes store with the release of the album. Kev Nish

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