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Get Involved as a Parent

There are many ways parents of ARTTEC Crew Members can support their child. We appreciate all that you do!

The most important way is understanding the commitment an ARTTEC Crew Member makes to work on a production. Time commitments are not flexible, and any changes in your schedule will affect your child’s participation on productions.

Helping Crew Members to arrive early and allowing them to complete their commitments strengthens their professionalism and work ethic. It would be an unfair burden to those remaining were Crew Members to leave unexpectedly. ARTTEC works very hard to make productions finish on time, but there may be circumstances beyond our control which may occasionally cause Crew Members to stay longer to complete their tasks. ARTTEC appreciates your understanding at those times.

It takes a big support team to put on a production. Parents may be able to donate services, or volunteer time to support a production. Sometimes a specific skill, service, or product is needed, an errand needs running, or an extra set of hands is needed to usher.
Parents can also become donors and attend upcoming events to support your child and their efforts. We appreciate seeing families in the audience!

If you have any further questions, send us a message HERE.

Thank you for your support of ARTTEC!

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"This program is filling such an important community need in education"

Amy Grant

Amy Grant

“ARTTEC is truly a great blessing for these very engaged high school students”

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Smash Mouth

"We wish this program was around when we were in high school!"

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