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In order to offer ARTTEC programs to students in your community, we rely on the generous support of our sponsors. Whether at the local, state, or national level, each Sponsor is important in helping ARTTEC fulfill the mission of offering unparalleled career training and hands-on experiences, while providing entertaining events and engaging opportunities to the community.

Sponsors come from a variety of sources. Businesses that relate to the entertainment industry are a natural fit. A sponsor can also be an educational organization such as a school, school district, county or State Department of Education. Community organizations, service clubs, tourism boards, film commissions, and the chamber of commerce are also great sponsors. ARTTEC welcomes sponsorships from any business or organization that wants to make a contribution toward career training and education in their community and across the country.

Benefits to ARTTEC sponsors may include branding opportunities and naming rights, unique benefits for employees and clients, complimentary tickets and VIP passes, sponsor recognition at exclusive events, advertisement, and much more. We can develop a specialized Sponsorship package that best fits your organization’s contribution.


Crew Sponsors
You can make a huge impact in your community by sponsoring an ARTTEC Crew. As a sponsor, you will receive recognition and exposure for your contribution as well as invitations to attend ARTTEC productions, galas, conferences and events. Student members of the crew you sponsor will refine their career skills by providing services to your organization such as producing TV commercials or PSAs, creating social media content and coordinating events that spotlight your business and your contribution to the community. For a donation of $1,500 you can sponsor an ARTTEC Crew at the high school of your choice for an entire school year. Click HERE to get involved as an ARTTEC Crew Sponsor.


Area Sponsors
ARTTEC crews are grouped by areas, which collaborate to bring greater opportunities and larger productions to their community. Depending on the needs of your community, the Area is determined by geography, population, school district boundaries, or county. Area sponsors receive broad exposure at all ARTTEC productions and events that take place within the Area, as well as recognition through all marketing efforts, press releases, and media campaigns. Your annual contribution of $5,000 as an Area Sponsor allows ARTTEC to provide hands-on experiences and career training opportunities to high school students, while offering great community events, concerts and productions in your area.


State Sponsors
State Sponsors support ARTTEC activities throughout their state. These sponsors often have an interest in increasing tourism and economy in the state. Organizations such as tourism bureaus and film commissions can support ARTTEC productions as sponsors, thereby increasing the production activity, tourism, interest, and visitors in your state. Since the hands-on experience provided by ARTTEC helps to create a skilled workforce, becoming an ARTTEC Sponsor contributes toward attracting and retaining business in the state. Your State Department of Education can become a State Sponsor and provide ARTTEC career training to high school students throughout the state. State Sponsorship is $25,000 annually, which offers name recognition on productions in the state and focuses statewide publicity on the sponsor. The first State Sponsor in your state has the honor of becoming the ARTTEC State Representative for two years, bringing the annual state conference, ARTTEC Signature Productions, and Featured Events to your location.


Delegation Sponsors
ARTTEC Delegations are made up of multiple states or territories. You can see the map of the thirteen ARTTEC Delegations by clicking HERE. A Delegation Sponsorship is $50,000, which offers Delegation Sponsors all the benefits of State Sponsorship, in every state within their Delegation. In addition, the first Delegation Sponsor in your Delegation has the honor of becoming the ARTTEC Delegate for two years, as well as being the home-base for an ARTTEC Mobile Production Unit in your delegation, click HERE to find out about the ARTTEC Mobile Production Units. The Delegate leads the Delegation committee in determining the locations for production opportunities, conferences and events that ARTTEC will provide in the Delegation. The Delegate represents their Delegation at the ARTTEC National Conference.


National Sponsors
National sponsors support ARTTEC activities across the county, helping all motivated high school students to access the unparalleled career training opportunities and hands-on experiences that ARTTEC provides. For a donation of $100,000 in cash, services, equipment, or in-kind contribution, the National Sponsor will receive recognition on the ARTTEC national website, all ARTTEC promotion and marketing materials, at the annual National Conference in Las Vegas, and at every production, event and activity of ARTTEC crews throughout the United States.


Title Sponsor
Title Sponsorship is available on a limited and exclusive basis. Customized sponsorship packages can be designed to maximize the impact of the Title Sponsor’s involvement and showcase any special attributes of the sponsorship. Donations of equipment, services, and in-kind contributions can be considered in the sponsorship as well. Title Sponsors are available for ARTTEC Signature Productions and Featured Events, as well as our fleet of Mobile Production Units, the ARTTEC Passport App, and the ARTTEC National Conference in Las Vegas. Click HERE if you would like to discuss a custom Title Sponsorship opportunity.


Click HERE to become an Area, State, Delegation, or National Sponsor.

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