Passport Basics

Navigating the ARTTEC Digital Passport is easy!

If you are a new register you will have limited access to the ARTTEC Passport until your account has been authenticated. Authentication may take up to two business days. In the meantime, make sure your profile and resume are as complete and accurate as possible.


After your account has been authenticated:

Join a crew! Ask your Crew Coordinator to add you to your Crew’s group or follow the steps and fill out the application to start a new crew (information can be found in the “Get Involved as a Student” tab on the ARTTEC homepage or by clicking HERE).

Begin working towards Basic Certification! Before you can start earning Certifications in ARTTEC you must complete Basic Certification. Click HERE to see the requirements or use the “Available Certifications” link in the right sidebar of the passport to see how many requirements you have completed.

Keep up with Upcoming Events! Make sure to keep an eye out for new events and productions that you can work on. Click the “Upcoming Events” link in the right sidebar of the passport.


The menu on the left side of your profile has options to customize your settings. You can also keep in touch with ARTTEC friends and write on their walls, upload photos and check your achievements.  On the right hand side there is a “Passport Navigation” section where you can find all of the latest news on upcoming productions, certifications, skills, and the Levels of Mastery.

If you have any questions about navigating the ARTTEC Digital Passport, email Amber, the Passport Manager at