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Get Involved as a Rotarian

ARTTEC and Rotary share many of the same values. In fact, ARTTEC’s founders are Rotarians.
As a Rotarian, you can reach teens in an exciting way that benefits your community, here and now. Not only do you help bring purpose and education together for at-risk youth in your community, but you help to instill work ethic, professionalism, and the spirit of giving in the next generation. You can share your life experiences and business sense with the youth in your community. ARTTEC Crews give back by offering services to their Rotary Club and District, providing and operating sound, lighting, and AV equipment at Rotary events, as well as producing PSAs, videos, and productions to spread the work of Rotary.

ARTTEC is an exciting way to bring awareness to Rotary and engage youth in Interact and Rotaract clubs, connecting teens to their service organizations and leading them to lifelong service as Rotarians. High school students participate in ARTTEC through their school’s existing Interact Club, or create a new club on their campus. ARTTEC operates as a committee within Interact (an ARTTEC Crew), and each ARTTEC Crew member is also an Interact club member. The ARTTEC committee is made up of ARTTEC leadership students who oversee ARTTEC activities for their Interact Club and work directly with their Rotary Club Mentor. The Rotary Club provides a Rotarian to serve as the Mentor for the ARTTEC Crew. This mentor could also be the existing Interact Advisor, or could be someone with an interest in supporting ARTTEC specifically. The Mentor will meet with their ARTTEC Crew to offer their experience and personal insight, and bring ARTTEC Committee Leaders to Rotary meetings to update the Club on ARTTEC activities and seek guidance and support from the Club. This interaction offers ARTTEC youth the opportunity to utilize their media production skills to serve their community and further “international understanding and goodwill” and “service above self”.

The Rotary Club chooses the high school(s) they want to provide an ARTTEC mentorship to and selects a Rotarian to serve as the Rotary mentor for the school’s ARTTEC Crew. The Rotary Club provides a $750 donation to ARTTEC, which supports the service activities of their selected ARTTEC Crew for an entire school year. ARTTEC coordinates with the crew’s Educational Advisor at the high school, and connects the Rotary Mentor with the Crew. With the Rotary Club’s donation and a Rotary Mentor in place, the ARTTEC Crew members will learn career training skills and apply those skills toward productions that will benefit the community, create awareness for ARTTEC and Rotary, as well as generate funds to fulfill the mission of ARTTEC and Rotary.

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"This program is filling such an important community need in education"

Amy Grant

Amy Grant

“ARTTEC is truly a great blessing for these very engaged high school students”

Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth

"We wish this program was around when we were in high school!"

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