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Get Involved as a Volunteer

You can get involved with ARTTEC as a mentor or volunteer by donating your time to help on productions or support crews from the local community up to the national level.


Mentors are professionals that donate their time to help teens get real career experience and training through actual productions and professional development. Mentors generously contribute time and talent through ARTTEC, which is one of the unique and outstanding features of the program. They care about providing a quality workforce to the industry, and want to help young crew members get their start. Mentors often make themselves available for professional advice and sometimes hire or refer the crew members they help train.  Many programs lack the direct connection to the industry that ARTTEC mentors help to provide.

If you would like to make an impact on the lives of teens in your area by sharing your expertise, please contact us at


ARTTEC volunteers are family members, neighbors, and friends who wish to donate their time in support positions or administrative areas during productions, from the community to national level. It takes a variety of support to put on a show the size and caliber of an ARTTEC production.  Some Volunteer jobs require little or no prior experience or training, and there are some fun perks.  You can also use your job skills to fill a more specific need.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at

Thanks for your support!

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Myth Busters


"This program is filling such an important community need in education"

Amy Grant

Amy Grant

“ARTTEC is truly a great blessing for these very engaged high school students”

Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth

"We wish this program was around when we were in high school!"

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