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ARTTEC Releases Video For Third Eye Blind’s “Graduate”

Band members of Third Eye Blind never got to shoot a video for their song Graduate… Until now!

The song was a hit back in 1997 when the band’s album Blue was released. After years of being apart, founding original members and songwriters Arion Salazar and Kevin Cadogan have reconnected to bring their distinguishable Third Eye Blind sound back to rock with help from former member of Neve, John Stephens. ARTTEC had the opportunity to be part of history, 16 years in the making, as Kevin and Arion finally made the music video for the Third Eye Blind song, Graduate.

In conversation with the band they mentioned that they were, “Overwhelmed by the professionalism of the students on set”, and they were surprised[and excited] to see all of our student crew ready and willing to work into the late hours of the night to make sure we got exactly what we needed to make their video a success.

Our students also got an interview with the band for our short entertainment segment The Scene, we asked what was next for the band and if they had any plans to write any new material. They answered saying they had about 8 tracks they were working on in the studio, one of which is a song called, What you do to me, a song which they will premiere on our TV series Backline later this year.

Check out the Graduate music video at

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